It was 2004 when we first opened as a Gourmet Store in the back avenues of town. Wilma hurricane forced us to start cooking again, and we became a Restaurant-Deli. Since then we outgrew our first corner location and moved next door… Read More

Fish Burger

One of our new additions on the Menu that has won a lot of fans rapidly is the Fish Burger; created by our Chef Monserrat; this delicious fresh fish paddy, made from the Catch of the Day available at the moment. You… Read More

Cannelloni Le Bistrot

  Baked dishes have some extraordinary appeal to people; they bring a sense of comfort and at home feelings. Often rich, make them a treat for special occasions. At Le Chef we created ours several years ago. Being Lobster a regular ingredient… Read More

Thank you for everything & Happy 2019!!!

“Para dar servicio debes agregar algo que no se compra o mide con dinero, integridad y sinceridad.” Agradecemos la oportunidad que nos dieron de nuevo este año y los esperamos en este 2019. Feliz Año Nuevo!!! Celebren con cuidado! / “To give… Read More

Fiji Focaccia

  After long hikes and driving, 12 hour days; even vacation can turn into busy days. In the end, we just want to have a relaxed dinner and relax, work on your pictures and get a good rest for the coming excursion… Read More

Christchurch, New Zealand

  You can feel the Kiwi spirit for rebuilding and creating a city that celebrates their History and thrives for modernity with respect for Nature and the environment. Must be hard to be the generation that grew up in a city in… Read More

The Riverstone Kitchen

  A little bit of the Restaurant business history in here. In about 1765, a Parisian “boullion-seller” named Boulanger wrote on his sign: Boulanger sells restoratives “fit for the gods”…This was the first restaurant in the modern sense of the term. Boulanger… Read More

Fleurs Place. Moeraki, NZ

      Traveling brings soothing to our soul, feeds our heart and opens our mind the way nothing else is able to. Brings powerful learning moments by simply showing us that life is an adventure as much as it is simply… Read More

Fergeburger. Queenstown,NZ

    This trip to New Zealand is becoming greater every day, we are beginning day 4 and feel that if I was leaving today, the 20 hours that took us to arrive here from home were paid by now. The beauty… Read More

Joe´s Garage Queenstown, NZ

    For three weeks I won’t be posting recipes or food from our restaurant. The time of the year came to take a little break with my wife to celebrate both our birthdays and our first wedding anniversary. We picked New… Read More