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Mediterranean and International cuisine, local products. Restaurant in Cozumel Island. Food talk. Gastronomadic. Love and Serve all.

Le Chef was born as a Gourmet Store in 2004. After 20 years in the Restaurant industry, I decided to open a place wich could have gourmet, hard-to-get, great quality ingredients at good prices for Chefs, foodies, enthusiast cooks and every one who wants to enjoy and create a special moment.

One year later, and after the Island being hit by Wilma Hurricane, the power service took weeks to be restored in the area Le Chef was located  and our store lost most of its product. We had just opened weeks prior a small location to showcase products downtown so people will know of us and will come to the main store. This saved us, we moved with what was left downtown and we started cooking again. That was it, we were back into the restaurant biz. The rest is history.

It is been 13 years as August 15 2018, we recently moved next door after outgrowing our original corner location. We added a beautiful Patio in  the venue wich is a traditional 80-year-old house with beautiful hand-made paste floors from the Yucatan.



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