Since we opened as a Gourmet Store, a lot of customers followed us into the Restaurant Operation. This service is exciting, and it needs to be fast and well-executed. Our patrons come to our restaurant to reward themselves for a long workday or to celebrate special occasions. So, they have made our place their home. We appreciate and cherish these moments with them.

Catering, on the other hand, has more planning. It is closer and much more personal with our clients. Many times the location is their own home and the people they want to share this experience with, are very important in their lives. This gives us an excellent opportunity to be a part of something greater. To Cater is a big responsibility altogether and we need to be aware of how rather unique it is.

After a two year wait, we are ready to start serving in the United States, making our kick-off in Scottsdale, Arizona.

We are working on uploading our Menu and Calendar that will allow you to pick a date and get some ideas for your special occasions.

We are looking forward to this new endeavor!


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