Cannelloni Le Bistrot



Baked dishes have some extraordinary appeal to people; they bring a sense of comfort and at home feelings. Often rich, make them a treat for special occasions. At Le Chef we created ours several years ago. Being Lobster a regular ingredient and the one we sell the most thanks to our famous LBS (Lobster and Bacon Sandwich), we have a few more dishes around it. From the shells of our precious Lobster we make a delicious Lobster Bisque that customers crave; the Lobster sauce we lay on our catch of the day and our Poached Lobster Eggs on Bagel and later on this great pasta dish.

We start with a mushroom duxelle as the base of our dish where the Cannelloni, previously filled with Creamed Spinach and Smoked Oysters and topped with Gouda cheese will lay. We finish them with this tasty Lobster Sauce and Sauteed Shrimp as the final topping.

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