Fiji Focaccia


After long hikes and driving, 12 hour days; even vacation can turn into busy days. In the end, we just want to have a relaxed dinner and relax, work on your pictures and get a good rest for the coming excursion next early morning.

Fiji has breathtaking nature, the mountains combined with rocky and sandy beaches with pristine waters make a rare combination for us coming from the Mexican Caribbean that is flat and at times looks very similar everywhere you go. There are no highlands that break the view. It is a different kind of beauty.

Vegetation in the South Pacific changes and mingle in a very subtle way.

Islands all over the world share some kind of relaxed vibe, not always perfect roads and quiet villages along show you drastically how the world is seen so different between locals and tourists. We like to be a part of both as much as we can. We visited the market which resembles mostly the ones we have at home with some local diversities in ingredients. I still fond the ones in Mexico much more exciting to the view and the mind of a cook.

You can see locals eat in a parking lot rice and chicken with honey glaze and soy provided by a Lady (homemade food) for the taxi drivers and workers from the business at touristic Malls.

To end our day we just wanted to relax and go for something easy. Not venturing much, we can do that tomorrow again.

Foccacia I believe belongs to the comfort food category, this time we had one with black olives, cherry tomatoes, Yellowfin Tuna, cheese, and red onions. Hit the spot and sent us to bed with the feeling of a day well seized.

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