Christchurch, New Zealand


You can feel the Kiwi spirit for rebuilding and creating a city that celebrates their History and thrives for modernity with respect for Nature and the environment. Must be hard to be the generation that grew up in a city in the constant process of reconstruction, life changed the town after the earthquake and its been in that mojo since then, Imagine that the current landscape is cranes, bulldozers, concrete dust, containers and scaffolding in the streets and playgrounds.

Being from Mexico city the visit to Christchurch Is an exceptional one. I relate so much. It is a noisy city; you can hear the drills and routers, saws and hammers everywhere. The whole center is a construction site. Old buildings like the Cathedral which hold by supporting steel structures. You can see the respect for the past, the significance of the history and at the same time the love for the Modern.

Today was the last day in NZ before heading to Fiji for a few days, and we spent the hours we had wandering in the city and riding the Tram. Memorials about world war and the earthquake pop up as you walk in different forms, telling you that Kiwis don’t forget but won’t linger in the bad times either. There is a lot to say and deserves to write about it a couple of times in the future.

Today we had several of our NZ’s favorite snacks: the meat pies; we got a sausage, a beef and cheese, and beef with bacon. Great to eat and keep on the run when you need your time to cover as much sightseeing possible before taking an airplane.

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