Fleurs Place. Moeraki, NZ




Traveling brings soothing to our soul, feeds our heart and opens our mind the way nothing else is able to. Brings powerful learning moments by simply showing us that life is an adventure as much as it is simply a joy.
Personally, the joy can come to me in finding good food.
It is trendy today to talk about simplicity and humble cooking but, great Chefs and restaurants are rarely the case. Modesty may get in the way of delivering. This place was not just open by mistake. Don’t be misled by the shaggy appearance of worn wood and rusted metal. These are part of the plan.
We came in without a reservation. After 27 years in the industry I can feel the attitude and slight arrogance in the staff that is not only used to be busy but proud of what they do. Things in the business work thanks to discipline and hard work, everything is planned and executed religiously in order to provide the customer with the best. When any situation threatens to jeopardize it, the survival mode kicks in. I am sure people would misinterpret it as rudeness and disrespect, I know it is just the way it is.
We got a table and were told needed to be out before 12.30, we scanned the menu fast and decided to share a Cream of Broccoli and Cauliflower soup with Parmesan and a fish special, Pan sautéed Sole with Capers and Lime sauce. The waiter brought napkins and silverware and a couple of glasses with an open bottle of Bombay Sapphire; “It is kind of early I said” -he laughed and poured us water from it.

Both dishes were good, the fish outstood the soup, it was expected. Later on and reading about the place on the internet, I found as I thought, by far most of the comments were excellent and the poor ones were referring to the attitude of either the owner or the service. As part of this Performance Show that is Gastronomy, I get it.

An unsolicited piece of advice: Don’t take it personally. It is not right but it is what it is; FOCUS on the meal.

Fleurs Place is GOOD FOOD.

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