Fergeburger. Queenstown,NZ



This trip to New Zealand is becoming greater every day, we are beginning day 4 and feel that if I was leaving today, the 20 hours that took us to arrive here from home were paid by now.
The beauty is so pure and vast, we have been driving miles and miles, and it doesn’t stop. And you don’t get tired of it. It feeds the soul.

Queenstown being our first real stop; we arrived in Auckland from LAX but took a two-hour flight over here to visit the south of the country. It has been sublime.

Whether I feel to keep on going talking about the land, these posts are supposed to be about our food experiences so that I will focus on that. While researching places to visit and eat, one popped up recurrently as a must visit. Fergeburger. A small hamburger shop in the core of the tourist center and it was, as expected packed. There was a line of maybe 50 people waiting to order in the sidewalk as a staff member is handing you the menu, they have two long tables for sharing on the sides of the entrance, inside a few stools close to the wall and the biggest crowd is fighting for a spot to get their order at the counter. How many burgers do they sell? Too many to count.

Well, the burger. Next, to the main shop there are a couple other Ferge-venues that sell pastries and bread and ice cream. I was happy to see the bakery since it is for me a guarantee that a chef that can bake is way better that one who can’t.

The buns are fantastic, soft but with an excellent crust, the hamburger made with excellent meat and charcoal grilled that you can taste, a good NZ cheddar, dill pickles and paid four more bucks for some great fries (perfect). While we wait for our hamburger (we shared), we ate a Meat pie from the bakery that was hot and delicious. After 187 other patrons, we got our hamburger and went to eat it at a park nearby where ducks kept coming at us begging for food. We drove by a couple of hours in front of the place, still a crowd making the line to get some food.

Next time, I will focus more on the bakery.

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