Salmon Tortellini



We live on an Island and you would think all Islanders go to the beach, eat fish and Seafood all the time. Well, let me tell you; it doesn’t work that way. I have lived 27 years in this beautiful corner of the Caribbean; I certainly decided to stay because of my love to the ocean and the fresh produce it provides us with but, not everybody does.

On the other hand, as servers, we have the responsibility to provide the best experience with the best product available and we get the chance sometimes to educate by sharing what we do best. In this shores, we have a lot of Wahoo, Mahi-Mahi, Red Snapper, Snapper, and many other species and time have taught me that Tuna, for example, is not a local´s favorite. Its flavor is a little stronger to the rest of the white fishes that swim in our waters. Salmon, just like Tuna, is not the first or even second choice for our local customers plus, it is not a local product. We try to create dishes that will help introduce this new and uncommon flavors into their palates so they have more options on our menu.

Starting with the Salmon empanadas in the Tapas menu and the Spinach salad with Salmon we have had thumbs up from our clients. That is great and allows our kitchen to experiment with new dishes. This time Monserrat came up with another great dish. She is a great cook and has shared plenty of ideas for the specials and the caterings we have done. She likes her pasta thin but “al dente”; today we had a great Salmon Tortellini with Alfredo sauce and some grilled julienne Zucchini that helps the contrast of flavors and cleans the palate.

Thank you Monserrat, this is an excellent pasta!

This is a dish that you can’t miss and that I am sure will have a lot of followers very soon.

Pairings: Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, and Pinot Grigio






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