Salsa Picante



There are countless cooking styles in our planet; from sweet to savory and indigenous ingredients tha mixed with all kind of rare products thanks to Mankind´s nomadic nature. Pasta originated in China and Marco Polo brought it to the west; nowadays, Italy claims its creation or at least the proper knowledge and best quality to prepare it. We all agree that they may have been the ones who helped making it famous worldwide.

Today, most of food is recognizable and available all over the world, adapted and modified to specific tastes and local preferences. Food has reached a global influence and belongs to humanity more than to a particular group.

One of the most famous and better welcome condiments may come from Mexico or Latin America. I don’t really want to get into controversy about this since, it is my belief that food is meant to share and to nurture our souls while bringing friends and families together. How many love stories started or grew around food. It is the fastest route to a womans heart. It works!

Lets go back to salsa, we have them red, green, borrachas, mild hot extra hot and extra-extra-extra hot. You can see people from all ages, and cultures willingly making their mouths catch on fire and not being able to stop. Why?, I don’t know, it is addictive.

Ours has become a must on every service at the table, locals, tourists, expats, old and young patrons had made it clear it should come to the table by default.

Roast Xcatic, Habanero, Poblano, Serrano peppers, garlic and onion. Season and add extra virgin olive oil. Add tomatoes for red. Can it and enjoy.

Pairing : Anything.

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