Angel Kiss Shrimp



I know, sometimes when I see bacon in a dish, I doubt initially. Some ingredients are so powerful and so many people like them that for someone who has been in this business for so long sounded like cheating.

We use it in our signature dish the LBS and thought a lot before offering on our menu, trying to avoid that criticism. This dish, I have to say is not original from us but we did gave it a little spin with higher quality ingredients. It is a hit, no regrets or worries from possible comments towards taking the Bacon easy road.

One night, sat down to have  dinner after the service rush, a waiter come and asked me what would I order. “Sh…!, I don’t know, to be honest. Let me think please.”

He replied with great confidence: “Why don’t you get an Angel Kiss Shrimp?”… -Mmh, what the heck is that? I’ve never had it “Well you cook shrimp with cheese and bacon” – OK, let’s do something, tell the kitchen to butterfly the shrimp, slide in a slice of fresh Mozarella, then wrap it in bacon, broil it and add some Pesto sauce on top of it, please. “Do you care for any garnish?” – Yes, rice and veggies please.

And it came to the table, wasnt sure really. Again was afraid that it was only cutting corners and have never liked to do it personally. I would be giving a hard time to myself for a long time.

I was wrong, It was great, I have to say. He had a great idea and stands proudly on our menu as one of the items people love the most.

Pair it with a Chardonnay or a Sauvignon Blanc (or nowadays, with a coke for me).

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