Lobster and Bacon Sandwich

It was 2009, and the Island of Cozumel was having a terrible year; right after the economic crisis when lots of people lost their homes and their money. To make it worse, in the first quarter of the year we got “the swine flu,” and our economy collapsed. By then I had lived in Cozumel for 18 years and had never seen something like this. People were asking for money or any job they can have. This is common in big cities, and indeed, in Mexico city where I was born and raised but here, it was not only new, it was outrageous. We had opened a new restaurant in a beautiful Thatched Roof House on a  corner south of Le Chef´s location.

One of the first homes built on the Island, a lovely spot with a backyard and a magnificent Bougainvillea; it had been a Lobster place for a few years, but they closed it down after hurricane Wilma; so I wanted to take a chance and went on a new venture, and that’s when  Le Bistrot was born. I decided to make a little more elaborated menu than Le Chef since I was curious to cook some higher level cuisine and lobster was the perfect excuse to be the center of a new item. However, the loss of all Cruise ship visits to the Island because of the stupid quarantine left us with a ton of Lobster in our freezers. I had no idea how to sell a costly product in a situation like this.

Taking ingredients we had from the breakfast menu and whatever we had; we started testing. The result of our testing equaled three different dishes with the same ingredients in different presentations: a Pasta, a Pizza and a Sandwich. The pasta dish and the pizza were liked but didn’t get any wows from our patrons. However, the sandwich, well, that is another story, to this day, our number one best-selling dish, and the reason we cut all our advertising. The Lobster and Bacon sandwich on its own brings the customer to our restaurant.  My best mistake ever,  I call it!

The name says it all, and we don’t even have to hide the main ingredients from anybody.

One time a guy eating at Le Chef looked at me and said, “I know what you did here, I got you! I know why this works! Of course, Lobster, Bacon, Rye, and? What’s in this dressing and the spread on the bread?” I went, ” Oh, maybe you don’t get me, seems you don’t know what I did there. ”

Yes, it has and does work!

We got ourselves our own signature dish, and we are thankful for it. You should definitely come to try our famous “Lobster & Bacon Sandwich,  while you are in Cozumel and it will have you coming back for more!

Pairing: Just about anything, it really doesn’t matter. You will only remember you had a Lobster & Bacon Sandwich at Le Chef Cozumel.

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