Ramsay´s Summer Night Salmon


Salmon is a character; some people love it and others don’t like it at all. Personally I believe it is a matter of culture sometimes but many others the final result is totally in the hands of the cook. This is a beautiful product that has a personality and should be treated with a little bit of knowledge and care. If you do so, the outcome is without a doubt a great memory and experience for the guest.

The dish we present today needs a little skill but at the same time its simplicity creates the perfect set and balance. Besides, it came to or menu as a way to pay respect to Chefs that play an important role in modern cuisine.

Green vegetables that normally will go into a fresh salad /Lettuce, cucumber, olives, tomato) are thrown into a pan for a very light sauteing with butter and olive oil. Yes, it  sounds a little odd but believe me, you will be pleasantly surprised.  A sweet tomato sauce softens and melts the fresh of the veggies and the personality of the fish and makes them flow in each other perfectly.

My son came over with this recipe from Gordon Ramsey said we should try.  People loves it. It has introduced and hooked  into Salmon to customers wich had never tasted it before.

Pair with Chardonnay or even with a Cabernet Sauvignon. Enjoy!

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