Tortelloni Le Chef


Along the years restaurant menus transform as our need to express, show new discoveries, requests from customers and personal experimentation. In 2004 we started as a Gourmet Store with the intention of providing quality products and hard to find ingredients for restaurants and food enthusiasts in our community. After a couple of hurricanes we had to make a survival move back into the Restaurant operation. In the beginning we wanted t keep it simple and our prepared food offer was limited to simple items where we can showcase the ingredients we had in stock. Sandwiches and salads were mostly it.

Soon we had to add dishes in order to satisfy the increasing demand. Eventually once you have a regular clientele you need to get creative  order to keep outr patrons interested and our staff motivated. The Specials Menu made its appearance.

This time, we have a dish that made its appearance in our Special´s Menu and slowly got a permanent spot in the regular menu after various requests from our regular local customers.

The tortellini Le Chef is a Red Bell Pepper pasta with Ricotta and Herbs filling, our Soy sautéed Mushrooms and the Lobster cream sauce. We add sautéed Garlic Shrimp and Parmesan cheese.

I would go with the Borgo Magredo Pinot Grigio with this one. Enjoy!

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