Portobelli con Ratatouille


Some ingredients have a personality on its own that take them to a level where they stand out from what labels expect from them. When you think of mushrooms we all picture the earthy taste but maybe just see them as a part of the main dish, or a sauce.

With Portobelli we get so much more. Maybe because of the size? It is certainly a lot more mushroom than the rest; but it is not just that. This great one have a  texture and    a  taste that make him a main ingredient in its own right. Sometimes we found it in a vegetarian or vegan burger.

For us, it was the best product for an amazing appetizer. Being a mediterranean style restaurant we don’t necessarily fall into a vegetarian category, We have to admit that most of our food has ingredients that bring the best tastes to dishes no doubt but, they dont  always fall into the most healthy category.

We decided to try them and make a dish that could be prepared both to our regular customers but that can accommodate to healthier or even vegetarian patrons. So we prepared some Ratatouille and stuffed this big guys with it. If you want to adventure  a little more ask for them with grated cheese. For our vegetarian or vegan friends skip the cheese and enjoy a great and tasty dish that will definitely will satisfy your taste buds.

Chardonnay Estacion from Chile makes a great match.


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