LC´s Tuna Sashimi


I have found useful to be able to put a smile on others face and laugh at myself in the heat of the service. We work long hours in terrible heat and a crowded space, bumping on each other and sometimes not getting along completely. However, there are great moments we share between members of the team and customers and there lies the beauty of Gastronomy. In the end, after all the hassle; if the food and service are good, everything will be fine.

One of the lines I have used countless times when we get local fresh Tuna is: Man, it is fresh caught, even me cooking it, couldnt screw it up! Sounds like a joke but I mean every word.

Great ingredients make a cooks work easier and patrons experience greater. This appetizer never fails, it is so simple to make too. Best for both sides of the equation.

Marinade is made with soy sauce, home-made ginger emulsion, little white wine vinegar and orange juice. We like to slice the tuna in thick batonnets and slightly seared them; top with a slice of fresh Serrano Chile and pour the previously heated soy dressing on top to cause the capsicum effect explode. On the side, a small Spinach with onion ant cherry tomatoes salad with the house vinaigrette to accompany.

Seriously, no one can get this one wrong!

Pairing: Portuguese Rosé or Argentinian Viognier.

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