Paella Le Chef


I can’t say enough how much or how many times a plate of rice made me feel better, even safe. It has something that automatically brings home to me. I love it! Funny that at the same time; I have found that in 26 years working in this Industry how an underestimate and undervalued ingredient it is.

It pisses me off when it is used just as a plate filling; when it is cooked without care because it is not the main ingredient. I have made that mistake too. I have as well served it disrespectfully many times. And maybe because of that we have tried to bring to our menu one of the greatest versions of Rice as a meal. With our own interpretation of course.

Paella Le Chef is a Saffron rice served with Clams, Shrimp, Calamari, Catch of the Day fish, Mussels, Chicken Breast and a Great Local produced Andouille sausage by Jose Cerdo in Cozumel. All sautéed with garlic, butter, olive oil, herbs and fumed with a dash of Chilean Sauvignon Blanc.

We really put a lot of love in this combo and hope we can make peace with this amazing ingredient and show our respect.

This is a dish you shouldnt miss when it is available in our Specials Menu. Pair with any White or Red from our list. Yes, this dish is that generous! Enjoy.

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