Le Bistrot Salad

There are a lot of stories about the origin of the name and we all relate it as a French trademark. Here a little history to add romance to this tale. During Nazi occupation in France, little home cooking restaurants would provide food for the Russian troops that came to help free their country, since soldiers had little time to stop in the middle of the fight to eat, they would demand a fast service so they could get going; telling the servers Bistrot, bistrot!!!

Right, with a T at the end!(Russian word for Fast). Later on and with French accent turned into Bistro, becoming a brand name for this establishments. Today the world knows that a Bistro will be guaranty of quality French style simple and unpretentious but delicious cooking: Lettuce and Spinach, Pecan and Red Onion, Brie Cheese, cherry Tomato and Prosciutto with a Balsamic-sweet & sour dressing make of this salad a must if you come to Le Chef. Pair with a crisp glass of Chardonnay and enjoy an unforgettable lunch. Cheers!

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